27 December 2007

Xmas FINISH, DODO with your Xmas Tree? Treecycle!

Just throw the Xmas tree out front with your garbage? DON'T!!! Why?

"It takes years for anything - even organic things like Xmas trees - to breakdown in a landfill. Since most landfills are compacted so tightly, there's usually not enough air for trash (even trees) to biodegrade. Finding a community tree recycling program is the way (for your tree) to go. Tree recyclers turn trees into wood chips, which can be used to help prevent erosion on beaches and hiking trails. Many cities operate seasonal curbside tree-recycling programs."

Does your city operate seasonal curbside tree-recycling program, in other words, 'treecycle'? Here's how to find out:

Enter your zip code to find a nearby Christmas tree recycling program:
National Christmas Tree Association

Article/quote credit: http://www.idealbite.com/tiplibrary/archives/tree_ya_later/#When:05:50:00Z

Photo credit: http://www.touchingharmstheart.com/index.php?s=discarded


  1. Don't you ever hear of mulching!? Killing pine trees, bad? nope. It is ecological cycle that is good for the climate. Most plants gets feed off by mulches and it is certainly healthy.

    It is fake trees we don't want to deal with it. Because fake trees does not decompose like mulches does.

  2. mike,

    great...we agree that just throwing trees on the curb for the landfill isn't good - we should drop them off at a treecycler who turns them into mulch, or in other words, wood chips...

    great, we agree that plastic trees suck. (see http://ecodeaf.blogspot.com/2007/12/rent-christmas-tree.html )