05 December 2007

Need an Eco-Coach?

from an EcoDeaf reader...

At the Green Festival last October in DC, one booth caught my eye: Eco-Coach. They do Green audits, help develop strategic sustainability planning, sustainability benchmarking, sustainability training and education, LEED certification and consultation for residential homes and businesses.

Want to turn your house green but don't know where to start? Which floor paneling or wall paint provides the best value for your home renovation? Want to go green but need some coaching? Check them out: www.eco-coach.com

Let us know what you think of them!


  1. Let's hope we will have a Deaf eco-coach one day!! Cool site!

  2. why not hire raychelle, shira,and/or summer as our deaf eco-coach on this ecodeaf vlogs? all we need is helping them to find the sponsors for $ = free for us like ecodeaf readers. lol, just kidding but wait a minute, this is good question! :)

    cuong aka buzz

  3. haha, we definitely need a Deaf eco-coach! and however how much i'd love to be one, my knowledge about greening a building/house ranks at about... nil :) that's why summer, shira and I set up this site - as a community we can share our wisdom, experience and advice on greening our lives... all for free :)