10 December 2007

Solar energy at home?

a reader has asked....

Has anyone installed or is currently using solar-based energy systems at home?
What about solar water heaters?

Austin, TX offers rebates for purchasing a solar power system under its Solar Community Network program and citizenre REnU offers solar-based electricity for homeowners.

Do any of you have experience with solar water heaters, REnU, or the Austin, TX rebate program?

Any information you have to share is welcome and appreciated!


  1. Citizenre is currently working with the City of Austin. Austin is one of the most progressive cities in the U.S. for renewable energy, but the Citizenre solution is a very new idea to the industry. Until Austin has a chance to enaluate our program, we have agreed not to market to the Austin area. I will post any updates in my Blog at www.Solarjoules.com. If anyone is interested in this solution for other areas, you can go to: www.jointhesolution.com/razmataz. On the site is a map of the United States. When you click on the map, you then click on the state. A drop down box will appear with a list of all utilites companys in that state that we are currently working with. If your utility company is on that list, congratulations - we may be able to reserve a system for you!

  2. That is interesting that people in Austin do not have an option to use Citiznre at this time, I thought anyone could use whatever they wanted.. I guess I would need to follow up on this in Austin and see what is available to us Austin residents.

    but i will say from most of us, thanks for the information!

  3. It is voluntary. Austin did not restrict Citizenre from marketing in the city. They asked if they could first be givin the chance to evaluate the program and Citizenre agreed. Like I said - the company is making every effort to be a good neighbor. By the way - no one is using the program right now anyway. Citizenre is building one of the worlds largest photovoltaic production facilities and the facgtory will begin production in middle of 2008. Until then only a small number of test panels purchased from other manufactures will be used. As of now, Citizenre has over 26,000 customers waiting for systems. Anyone added to the waiting list now would not qualify for test systems anyway. We are currently quoting beginning of 2009 for systems for anyone who is added to waiting list currently IF customer is in an area that was already awarded one of the first 20 franchises. (yes Austin was one of the first 20). Hope this helps.

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