17 December 2007

Keri Ogrizovich

Burlington, VT
University of Vermont ASL Program Coordinator and Professor, Certified Deaf Interpreter

ecoskills The 3 R's, organic foods (supporting local farm), composting, cloth diapering, practicing Attachment Parenting philosophy, freecycling, using eco-friendly materials, teaching son to preserve Mother Earth, and living as simply as possible (recently completed a year-long project of "Not Buying It"). Now planning for Deaf Women of New England conference to be held in Burlington, Vermont in November of 2008 which will be eco-friendly. If interested in presenting on a eco-topic, send an email to: DWNE2008@gmail.com

ecointerests Being outdoors, volunteering and learning about different ways to preserve Mother Earth.

contact kiwibrooks at gmail dot com

blog http://www.jimikiwi.blogspot.com

Deaf Women of New England website http://www.uvm.edu/~kogrizov/DWNE2008/

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