14 December 2007

Gretchen Volker

Ellensburg, Washington State
Year round: Carbon Reduction Coordinator, Central Washington University
Seasonal: Wilderness Ranger
Seasonal: Ski patroller

ecoskills integration of environmental educational paradigm among students and community members, improvements for a walk-able and ride-able community, implementation of ACUPCC tasks and goals, fixing bikes, interacting with the public when a ranger, reducing carbon emissions both small scale and large scale, Master's of Science in Natural Resource Management with emphasis on hydrological systems

ecointerests Riding my bike everywhere I go and if there is snow my bike gets stud tires, walking when I have to wear professional clothes and be in somewhat presentable attire, the 3 R's, Wellington's GRRR (Go Recognize the Recycling Revolution!), all florescent lighting, not buying more than I need, sorry vegetarians... I eat meat, my thermostat stays at 50 degrees (when it is 30 or below) so I wear a sweater, biggest emphasis for improvement on the environment is through cultural changes (what we need to do in our daily lifestyle in order to effect positive changes to the "American Mindset"), environmentalism should be a non-partisan issue so come-on dems and reps... get your act together and work together...

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website myspace at myspace/~ozridge

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