14 March 2009

Christian The Lion Reunited

GentsWild shares a subtitled video about the reunion of Christian the Lion with George Adamson and his friends.

I have seen the video of it without subtitles before. However, I am very thrilled that particular video shown above is subtitled. It is recommended that everyone on EcoDeaf watch this beautiful video.

To read more about Christian the Lion and see pictures of him as a cub,
click here

Thank you very much to
for subtitling the video and sharing it on YouTube.


  1. Thank you so much, Anthony, for sharing! It brought tears to my eyes. This is beautiful and it shows to never undermine animals, be it domestic or wild, of what they are capable of.

    No matter how many times I have to emphasize this, we are not superior than the animals. Anytime we let that thought cross our mind, we are less than what human is really about.

    These men are wonderful for coming to this lion's rescue. We need to open our eyes to many horrific things to all of wild animals out there that are in captivity that are done by people.

  2. i agree, this is a beautiful video and brought tears to my eyes as well and the group of friends watching this video at my home too! *goosebumps* a beautiful story. let's keep making those beautiful stories happen, if not with exotic wildlife, then with our own children, dogs, cats and others through fostering and adoption!

  3. I concur with both of you. It is indeed a touchy story.

    Thanks to subtitles...what surprised me was how Christian introduced his wife to his human friends. I, at first, thought a wild animal would not make human contacts like how we saw it in the video, so it was really cool to know that a lion like Christian can introduce a wild animal friend to his human friends like that. That's one of the savviest things I have ever witnessed.

  4. For more about Christian the Lion, here's the article with pictures of him as a cub:


    Anthony, if you can help turn the link above into one that's clickable! :)

  5. Katherine, thank you for sharing the article with pictures!

    I do not think we can turn the link into one that's clickable in the comment section, but I did edit the post by adding the clickable link to that article you suggested. :)

  6. you can post links in your comments, you just need to use html format-

    this tells you the proper code you need to use (the first box): Here's How

    I used the html code from the above link to link to Katherine's url above:
    This is the article about Christian as a cub

  7. Thank you for the HTML tip. Much appreciated.