08 March 2009

How to Compost Food Scraps

(It is a little hard to read fingerspelling. I can make a script upon request)

You can compost raw food scraps by covering it with hay. Food scraps make nitrogen while layers of hays make carbon. Dump one part of food scraps then cover it with three parts of hay. Over the time, it will become fine looking dirt called hummus. Then you can transport hummus to the garden and plant your vegetables in it. If your compost pile gets higher, build a fence around it to keep the dirts in.

Thank you Mike Harter for filming the compost video for EcoDeaf.


  1. You can add a little more food scrap than what you saw in the video before covering it with hay. The video was done quickly to give you the idea how simple composting your food scrap is.

    Save your trash bags and money by composting your raw food scraps.

  2. yay! so good to see you all composting in a large backyard. i just had a new tumbling compost installed in my yard yesterday!!! inspiring to see this. i'll do a video on how to compost for those who have a small backyard in a city. keep doing your vlogs!! :)

  3. also, don't need to do the script. often interpreting teachers need content for their interpreting students to translate. let me know if you think you need someone to translate your video, i'll send it to my department at gallaudet or you can send it to one of the local asl/interpreting teachers at your college. it's often more enjoyable for interpreting students to translate something and give back to the community and learn at the same time (and get credit for their work too!) :)

  4. Sure! I'd be happy to send the first two and future vlogs to student interpreters that would like to volunteer to translate the video. Great idea!

    What is the appropriate e-mail address to your department for translations? In the meantime, I will find out if Deaf Adult Services implemented the similar program or not. If not, I'd be happy to get one going because we do work with interpreters and help student interpreters prepare for exams and such.

    I look forward to your vlog about your tumbling compost bin. I would like to learn about your experience and results with the tumbling bin. We are still having a difficult time composting food in our backyard in the city of Buffalo. Too many vermin around here. That's why we take our food scraps to the farm once every two weeks! If the tumbling bin is successful, I can bring this up and propose the idea at the house meeting.