25 March 2009

GreenFestival in Seattle

Green Festival
is coming back to Seattle this weekend, March 28 and 29

Come learn about sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint, recycling, organics, Fair Trade, and more. Find everything from recycled elephant-dung paper to organic hemp clothing to solar cookers. Main stage speakers like David Korten, Amy Goodman, Belvie Rooks, and Mayor Nickels will be ASL-interpreted, with a limited number of first-come, first-served interpreters available for smaller workshops or one-on-one.

See what one visitor to the DC Green Festival had to say about his experience last fall by reading this EcoDeaf post: http://ecodeaf.blogspot.com/2008/11/green-festival-experience.html

See you there!
Andrew (andrew @ greenamericatoday.org)


  1. Other than its gloomy climate, I LOVE Seattle! My love for it hasn't faded since I last visited almost 10 years ago for 2 weeks! I have never loved a city (including where I was born) as much as I do for Seattle and don't ask me why! :)

  2. Nice that you were born in Seattle! I can say the same thing about Buffalo and how much I love this city.

    I enjoyed the Green Fest in Washington D.C. in November 2008. What I enjoyed the most was taking notes while listening to different influential speakers all day long. I liked listening to Amy Goodman's speech. She was definitely radical.

  3. Ahh! It looks like I wasn't clear. I was born in Metro New York and what I said is a compliment to Seattle even if I was not born there! :)

    Because Seattle is a truly wonderful city, those who can attend the Green Festival will be hitting two birds with one stone!

  4. I think you made sense in the first place. I must have misread it or that I needed a cup of coffee badly. Thank you very much for your clarification, tho. :)

    I would love to visit Seattle one day.