22 March 2009

An Eco-friendly music video created by deaf and hard of hearing children!

See Earthman's "H2O" music video signed by kids from the League for the Hard of Hearing Camp MOST in Florida. This is part of the Earthman.tv Project.
This music video was discovered through D-PAN's community videos webpage. Thank you D-PAN for sharing this inspiring video with us!

To check out more of Earthman's videos, go to their Youtube site.

If you created eco-music videos, feel free to submit a link to us @ ecodeaf at gmail.com and D-PAN. Share eco-messages through the kind of music we can watch and enjoy!


  1. That is so kewl!


  2. Cool! It proves that deaf people can do music UNAIDED!

    I, too, play the violin, the cello, and the piano UNAIDED (sans hearing aids or CI). All I do is to read the sheet music.

    If one cannot read, deaf people OR hearing people still can play music through the thoughts without language!

    Jean Boutcher

  3. Earthman is a really cool man. :)

  4. cute kids are conservating our water for their next generation!