03 March 2009

How to make home made Seedling Containers

Why buy plastic containers when it is bad for the environment? Save money by reusing newspapers. Use newspapers with soy ink is recommended. This is cheap and great way to germinate vegetable seeds for your backyard garden.

Thank you Mike Harter for filming the video.
- Tony Brucato.


  1. wow that is awesome, i love vlogs that show us how to do it! thanks!!! then you put them all in a reusable plastic box that holds 3-4 by 7 rows? add soil, seeds, then water, water, water until ready for transfer?

  2. Yes, Raychelle. That is doable.

    Make sure the seeds/plants do not get soaked in water or the seeds/plants will drown. Water should drain through the paper fine, but double check the bottom of the paper containers regularly. If a paper container is holding too much water, poke a few holes with a pin or sharpened pencil.

    I will shoot a video of the trays with paper containers. I can only do one or two minutes of vlog because it takes forever to upload the video unless there is a way to compress and upload it much quicker.

  3. Interesting idea. Would this also work on a large size container? I would like to grow Jade plant.

  4. Aaron, I am a jade grower myself. I have four jade plants now. I just found a baby jade plant under one of the older plant and transported it to its own home in a clay container.

    Have you grow a jade plant before? Or is this your first time?

    I am not sure about the paper container. It might be okay for a baby plant, but a larger plant, that is a good question. I would be concerned about the long term of using a paper container without changing it periodically. Papers are sensitive and easy to disintegrate.

    I think clay containers are good for jade plants. Jade plants needs to have the drying time between watering. It can drown easily when it is young. Clay container "evaporates" water much quicker than a plastic container which is why it is more suitable with Jade plants. What I do is to leave a layer of rocks on the bottom of the clay container so the water would drain efficiently. If the holes are clogged because of the soil or even rocks that fit the holes on the bottom of the container, the Jade plant can get water poisoned. If the water is draining, you should be okay.

    Have you seen a 27 years old or a 50 years old Jade plant? Although it grows slowly but surely!!!

  5. My wife and I grew couple of Jade plants in the past. In fact, I had a jade plant for the last four years when i lived in rochy. Yes I seen a huge jade plant. They always looks like some kind of bushes at the first glance. :) Seeing this video makes me want to start growing Jade. Although I plan not to grow a Jade in a paper container for a long period.

    by the way, had you visited this site? www.stopglobalwarming.org

  6. Hi Aaron, you sounds very familiar. Are you Aaron from Alaska? :) If you did live in Rochey and I knew you back in the day, I never noticed your jade plant. Maybe it was because I was not into house plants that I overlooked your jade plant.

    I checked the www.stopglobalwarming.org website. I think global warming is relevant to the sea rising. Today I just read an article stating that the sea will rise much sooner than predicted because of the increase in global temperature. Thank you for sharing the website.

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