28 September 2007

Become a Polar Bear: Jump in Cold Water!

I'm jumping in the Chesapeake Bay on December 8th at 11 am. Join me!
Or join another plunge elsewhere in the United States.. such as New York, Massachusetts, Colorado or Oregon!
If there's none in your area, you can set one up following the simple process listed on this website:


National Polar Bear Plunge; 12/8/07; Annapolis, MD

USCEC and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, are organizing a National Polar Bear Plunge on December 8th. The plunge is a way to have fun, raise awareness, and raise money for your local climate group. CCAN has done Polar Bear Plunges the past two winters, and because they have worked out so wonderfully, we are organizing it nationally this year. Everything you need to know is at our new website, http://www.keepwintercold.org. If there isn't an action planned in your area, we heartily encourage you to organize it. A small plunge is very easy for one or two people to organize, you will reap great benefits, and we are set up, based on past experience, to help you along every step of the way. You can contact the Plunge Coordinator Gordon Clark at gordon@chesapeakeclimate.org. The plunge is part of the International Day of Climate Action so by organizing a plunge near you on that day you will be joining worldwide efforts to raise awareness of global warming!

Thanks to Caroline Solomon who posted this on the Gallaudet University Sustainable Campus group bulletin


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