29 September 2007

Meditation the Deaf Way

Check this out: www.deafmeditation.com

Want to learn how to meditate? Most meditation techniques are taught live (through a speaker), or through an audio-tape or a DVD, and they require you to close your eyes.

How do we do that when we need to read the next instructions the speaker gives on the TV screen?

Worry not. This $25 deaf-friendly DVD signed by an hearing interpreter, Pam Cavazos, with 20+ years of interpreting experience shows you how to meditate with your eyes open!

She signs in ASL and her DVD includes subtitles. Currently this DVD is on request with the Gallaudet Library for ordering, so it will be at Gallaudet sometime soon so you can see for yourself! I'm curious myself!


  1. My first and wonderful experience with meditation was in Rochester, NY, with a group of deaf people led by a deaf yoga instructor. I do not think I would have learned to appreciate the art of meditation without her.

    If I live in Rochester, I would make time to get together with her for continued guidance! I can't begin to explain how wonderful it feels. I still do it myself when I get a chance, but I am out of practice and need the support! So, you Rochesterians are lucky :)

  2. I'm in Awe seeing this development that is now in ASL as I've always wanted to do this for many years and finally it's here for us..

    I'm so looking forward to seeing the DVD by Pam.

    Katherine, you are lucky to get the first hand on it in person, I will be attending Deaf Yoga Classes in my local area that I'm sooo looking forward to get back into it in a couple of weeks. If you are close to where I am, let me know I can give you more info.

    Take care

    Susan (Ontario,Canada)

  3. katherine, is the yoga teacher named dorothy wilkins? her website is


    is that the right one?


  4. Susan, I'm afraid we are not even close as I am in the United States :)

    Raychelle, yes, that is Dorothy Wilkins. At that time, she didn't have the website. She has become more experienced over the years, apparently, and getting her certifications.

    Everyone, if you could give it a try, go for it. Yoga is truly wonderful.

  5. Oh okay Katherine (I was thinking of another Katherine ;), well just to let you know that there's a Deaf Yoga Retreat in Woodbourne, NY on Oct 11-15 and the founder Lila Lolling is gonna be there.. I can't wait!!!

    Yeah I did take up DeafYoga Classes last year and my instructor (who will be one of the instructors at the Retreat) is bringing up a new session the following weekend on Sundays locally after the Retreat.

    Also I've bought 3 copies of Pam's DVD already and sending one off to my good friend in Australia and I'm so looking forward to it.