26 September 2007

Welcome to EcoDeaf!

Hello, welcome to EcoDeaf! We are delighted your eyes are here!

This blogsite was created to raise consciousness within the Deaf community about environmentally conscious ways of living as well as the growing field of experiential, or hands-on, education. It is also a site to develop connections and a sense of unity among people who share common interests in living with and learning from our environment as opposed to merely living in it.

In fact, that is how this blogsite was created. Before May of 2007, Raychelle, Shira, and Summer had never been in the same room together; Shira and Raychelle had never met each other. Having discovered our mutual interests in experiential education and what people often call the “alternative” lifestyle, we wanted to expand our sense of community by creating a place through which Deaf community members can share their ideas and resources about experiential education and the environment, as well as connect with each other on a more personal level.
This site has several different components as you can see on the right under "categories" →
EcoDeaf Bios:
Bios of people interested in the issues contained in EcoDeaf and interested in networking with others.
EcoDeaf Contributor:
Articles and entries written by EcoDeaf readers.
Links to various websites related to experiential education, “green” businesses/organizations that are Deaf-owned, eco-related websites and articles of interest, and the outdoors.
What’s happening around the nation. Perhaps you can organize people in your area to go to these events together!
EcoDeaf Vision:
Information about EcoDeaf and FAQs (such as how to subscribe or have something posted).
Vlogs created by EcoDeaf readers about issues pertaining to EcoDeaf.

This blogsite is made possible with your contributions. We want to know who you are: submit your bio, articles and/or resources to ecodeaf@gmail.com.

Please note the ASL vlogs above are not a strict translation of the English portion on this blog.


  1. Tom and Bonnie (Chauncey) RiggsSeptember 26, 2007 at 11:32 PM

    Wonderful, Im glad to see this new blogspot and website - EcoDeaf...

    Raychelle, we met in a restaurant in Salida, Colorado this summer. (With your mom, dad and sister with her husband, what a strange place we have met in this world) :)

    Id like to share with you that we are environmentally consisious people, we have a house in NM that is off the grid and we use solar for energy to the house and also our house is constructed with the Pumice-Crete. Pumice is the hardened volcanic ashes (that thing that Lava soap made with and also pure pumice bar can be used to scrub dry skins off from feet). Pumice-crete is made with pumice and portland cement, it has R value of up to 70. And I plan to have new addition made with strawbale construction in a couple of years. Right now we live in AZ but we plan to retire to that house in a few years... We LOVE to live simple and go back to basics...

    Will share photos or possibly Vlog soon...

    Tom and Bonnie

  2. I am excited about this EcoDeaf blog.

    I don't go by one day without thinking about what I can do to preserve the environment. As much as we do not want to believe it, humans are the most destructive beings when it comes to animals and the environment in name of greed. With our compassion and intelligence, it is up to us to change our lifestyle. It is always wonderful to get support from other deaf peers with similiar goals and interests for the sake of our mother earth.

  3. I love what you have done so far! Looking forward to future video clips and ideas. . .

  4. I love it when people get creative and through their combined energy and vision make things come to life! Kudos to each of you. I look forward to seeing how this site develops.

    ~ LaRonda

  5. tom, bonnie, katherine, rene and laronda, thanks for your wonderful words of support! we look forward to your ecodeaf bios and contributions to this site. have a topic you want to bounce off the rest of us? share your skill? review an eco-product? send it to us at ecodeaf@gmail.com! :)

    tom & bonnie-- i'm still amazed at the coincidence of our meet up in salida - now that you're ecofolks, i now believe it was in the stars for us all to meet! :)

    oh, please do a vlog of your eco-house, pumice-crete and all that! i know many of us would LOVE to learn from your experience. it can be also reused for your asl/itp training classes - i'm sure you'll be using a lot of classifiers in your vlog, smile.

    off the grid?! i'm positively drooling! i've been researching the earthship concept which is off the grid as well-- visiting them and slept in one too! in taos, NM.

    strawbale construction - if you check out ecodeaf bios, dan veit has some experience with strawbale construction, he helped build an additional room with matthew (nurse at New Mexico School for the Deaf) and i think he built his home fence using this technique... he can't stop raving about strawbale! :)

    namaste with a BIG smile

  6. This ecodeaf blog proves to be quite educational!

    I'd love to see some basic guidelines for people like me who wish to go green and be more conscious of our environment. I recently started recycling and eventually switching out my regular cleaning products to more nature friendly biogradable products. Honestly, I was inspired by my 8 year old daughter...she is into environment and animals.

    I am so grateful you started this blog and look forward to more tips and ideas!

  7. It's wonderful to see a blogsite dedicated to one of my passions - raising environmental consciousness. I've added this site to my RSS feed and bookmarked it. I'll be coming back often. Thanks, guys, for making this happen!

  8. I am thrilled to see this blogsite. The environmental movement represents a great opportunity to build unity across diverse communities, all of which share a common interest in preserving our world (and protecting it from human-induced disasters). But in order for the environmental movement to realize that potential it must be accessible to everyone. Your blogsite takes a big step in the right direction to do that. And, let's think of this world not as something we inherited from past generations, but that we are borrowing from future generations! Thanks for all you do.