13 September 2007

Summer Crider

District of Columbia
Full time graduate student and biophile (lover of nature)

ecoskills Movie-making, bicycling, traveling, familiar with southeastern US wildlife (born n' raised in swamp with a wildlife biologist for a dad), experience in camping (both nature, family, and summer camps) and creative living situations.
ecointerests Mingling with my tree-hugging buddies and animals. Activism. Philosophizing about nature. Bike rides. Hiking. Giving kids exposure to nature and learning along with them. Discussing biology, zoology, native american traditions, subsistence living, yoga, organic food, outdoor recreation activities and the like.

In the next several years, I see myself: Being one of the teachers at Eco-Deaf charter school. Cycling across America- for the Environmental cause. Creating several documentaries about why we need to heal our EYEth. Building EarthShips (EYEthships, i mean) to live in.

contact SuCrider at mac dot com. Mac recycles!

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