27 September 2007

Turn Off Your Garbage Disposal!

shared by raychelle from NSF International at www.nsf.org

The average garbage disposal uses about one gallon of water per minute. To help conserve water, try to reduce your use of garbage disposals. Instead, consider starting a compost pile, especially if you have a garden. By combining foods scraps, including vegetable trimmings, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea bags, with vegetation such as grass clippings or leaves, homeowners can create a rich organic mixture that can be used in their garden.


  1. Thanks, keep those tips coming! :)

  2. Compose piles sometimes have drawbacks. Our first one drew every kind of wild animal known to man! Ugh, we had big rats, raccoons, bears, you name it, and we had it!

    Finally my daughter gave us one of those big black, heavy compost makers that have a right fitting lid on them. In addition, we crossed the top with a bungee cord, just to make sure the bears didn't think they were smarter than we are.


  3. lantana,

    agreed, a compost pile is hard to get started - i had to experiment with mine for a while until i got it right, but now that i live in an apartment building in a concrete city, i obviously can't compost - unless any of you have a new way of composting in the city, let me know.... :)

    another option is to simply throw the food in the trash (better than using the garbage disposal) save water and electricity!

    can you share your composting experience, maybe pictures of your compost and what you did that made your experience a successful one? b/vlog? we'll post on ecodeaf! :)