25 September 2007

Review of "Last Child of the Woods" by Richard Louv

"Last Child of the Woods"- (2005) Richard Louv
Today's kids are increasingly disconnected from the natural world, says child advocacy expert Louv (Childhood's Future; Fatherlove; etc.), even as research shows that "thoughtful exposure of youngsters to nature can... be a powerful form of therapy for attention-deficit disorder and other maladies." Instead of passing summer months hiking, swimming and telling stories around the campfire, children these days are more likely to attend computer camps or weight-loss camps: as a result, Louv says, they've come to think of nature as more of an abstraction than a reality. Indeed, a 2002 British study reported that eight-year-olds could identify Pok√©mon characters far more easily than they could name "otter, beetle, and oak tree." Gathering thoughts from parents, teachers, researchers, environmentalists and other concerned parties, Louv argues for a return to an awareness of and appreciation for the natural world. Not only can nature teach kids science and nurture their creativity, he says, nature needs its children: where else will its future stewards come from? Louv's book is a call to action, full of warnings—but also full of ideas for change. -from Publisher Weekly

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  1. Thanks for the review. Now I am intriqued and want to run to the nearest bookstore or library to get this book. :)

    My 8 year old daughter impressed other people when she could easily name the plants and animals. I will admit that my girls are addicted to video games and I have been trying to cut down their video time when they should be OUTSIDE appreciating what the nature has to offer us. To expand their imagination and use their creavitity.

    This book is on my list of books to get, definitely. Thanks!