26 September 2007

EcoDeaf Vision

EcoDeaf Mission and Vision

EcoDeaf is a space for people within the Deaf community to convene to share ideas and resources about eco-conscious living and experiential education.

Through contributions made by EcoDeaf readers, the community of Deaf/ASL people sharing common interests in ecologically sustainable lifestyles and learning-by-doing becomes more unified. Through this unity, green Deaf businesses and organizations are supported, lifestyles in harmony with the environment continue to be supported, and opportunities for educating our youth through experiential education are created.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EcoDeaf?

EcoDeaf is a place for like-minded and like-spirited people to convene to share ideas and resources about experiential education and environmentally sound lifestyles.

How do I join? Is there a membership fee?

Very simple!

Do you feel passionate about the well-being of our environment and ensuring its sustainability through environmental stewardship?
  • Do you deeply and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, whether it be a walk in the woods, summiting a peak, bouldering, kayaking, or anything in between?
  • Are you interested in experiential education -- hands-on-learning, and learning-by-doing?
  • Do you pursue aspects of holistic living?
  • Desire to learn more about the above, to connect with people who share similar values, and to allow others the opportuniy to experience the above because you feel it is beneficial for everyone?

If so, you certainly are a part of the EcoDeaf community!
Contribute what interests you on the topics covered in EcoDeaf. There is no fee for sending in contributions!

What can I contribute? How can I contribute?

EcoDeaf is made possible through the contributions of its readers. You can post eco-discusions (either supplementing an already-existing thread, or creating a new one), events, pictures, or discussion topic.

How? Send an e-mail to ecodeaf@gmail.com with subject line identifying the content. For example:

EVENT: Santa Fe Organic Conference
BIO: Jane Doe
ARTICLE: Al Gore Goes Green
LINK: www.beinggreenisawesome.com

What is a Bio? What should I include in mine?

Are you Eco-Deaf/ASL? Join us!

Do send EcoDeaf@gmail.com your name, location, occupation, eco-skills, eco-interest, contact information and blog/website if any - as well as a photo or a vlog of yourself! See the EcoBios section for examples.

Can I send in a Vlog?


We want to post vlogs within EcoDeaf so please send to ecodeaf@gmail.com the “embedded html” of your vlog. You will see "Embed HTML" after you've finished filming your vlog. Copy and paste that into the body of your e-mail to EcoDeaf.

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