24 September 2007


Green Deaf businesses & organizations
Living Food Farm (organic farm owned by Deaf family in Minnesota)
Alternative Solutions Center (Deaf owned therapy service)
Deaf Holistic Retreat (last one in 2005, hope more will come!)
Deaf-owned/ASL online spiritual resources - Rev. Jill Lestina
Deaf-managed Organic/Natural Bed & Breakfast
Deaf Animal Row (adopt deaf animals on death row!)
dazzlingraw.com (Alynn Davis' raw food website)

Holistic Living
Beverly Hanyzewski - Deaf Certified Yoga Teacher
May Wille - Deaf Massage Therapist
Deaf Shaman in New Hampshire
Dorothy M. Wilkins - Deaf Yogi in Rochester
Kitchen Dakini - Rebecca Wood & macrobiotics, whole foods, and grains..check out her books!

WildlifeTrackers (Elbroch is fluent in ASL)
Heidi Zimmer - Deaf Mountaineer
John Wilcox & Dave Smaldone: Deaf Sailing Adventures
Worldwide Dive and Sail - Deaf/HoH Group

Eco-Education and Experiential Education
Association for Experiential Education
Expeditionary Learning Schools - Outward Bound
Minnesota State University - Mankato - Oldest Graduate Program in Experiential Education
National Society for Experiential Education: Learners in Action
Prescott College: For the Liberal Arts and the Environment
Ecorazzi (eco-Hollywood)
IdealBite (tips on living sustainably)
The Grist
Green Energy TV (online tv channel dedicated to airing green videos)
WWOOF (WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms)
Organic Consumers Association (and Organic Bytes, to get the e-mail publication)
Ecolect: a sustainable materials community
Ready Made Mag (A Bimonthly Print Magazine for People who Like to Make Stuff)
Do the Green Thing

National Association for the Deaf
World Recreation Association for the Deaf
Discovering Deaf Worlds (Follow Christy Smith and Dave Justice as they travel around the world documenting the Deaf communities that they befriend)

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