23 September 2007

How we define ourselves

By Summer Crider

I came across this wikipedia site- when I was trying to find a word that could describe how much I loved a specific thing....
Enhance your eco-vocabulary! You can start by saying how this blogsite community is made up of many "biophiliacs"... which means lovers of nature. :) Another example is, Shira is a geophilic! See below to find out what that means.

anthophilia / anthophile / anthophilic: Attraction to flowers.
anthrophile / anthrophilic: Attracted to humans (e.g., parasites).
cryophilia / cryophilic / cryophile: Preference for cold environments, climates, objects and low temperatures; e.g., Protea cryophila (Snow Protea).
dendrophilia / dendrophilic / dendrophile: Preference of trees or other plants.
extremophilia / extremophile: Preference of living extremal conditions for some microorganisms.
geophilia / geophilic / Geophile Referring to organisms that prefer the soil.
halophilia / halophile: Attraction/attracted to salt or salt-water.
heliophilia / heliophile: Attraction/attracted to sunlight.
hydrophilia: Attraction to water.
hyperthermophilia / hyperthermophile / hyperthermophilic: Describing organisms that thrive in extremely hot environments.
limnophilia / limnophile / limnophilic: Preference of ponds or marshes.
lithophilia / lithophile / litophilic: Preference/affinity to stones.
myrmecophilia: in names of orchids of genus myrmecophila, "love of ants"
nemophilia: Love of the woods/forests, in the name of the genus Nemophilia of flowers.
nyctophilia: A preference for darkness or night.
ombrophilia / ombrophile: Affinity/affined to large amounts of rainfall.
petrophilia / petrophile / petrophilic: Preference of living or spending time in rocky areas.
photophilia / photophile / photophilic: Preference of living or spending time in lighted conditions.
psychrophilia / psychrophile: Preference of cold temperatures.
rheophilia: Preference of living in running water.
rhizophilia: Preference of living on roots.
thermophilia: Love of high temperatures; thriving in high temperatures (e.g. microbes).
tropophilia / tropophile / tropophilous: Preference of seasonal extremes of climate.
xerophilia: Love of living or spending time in very dry conditions.
xylophilia: Love of wood.


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