23 September 2007

Wanna be festive? Go to a Greenfestival!

By Summer Crider

Pay Attention EcoDeafies, if you're living in DC, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago areas!
Why? Because there is a greenfestival coming to you!
What is a greenfestival? Oh, it's the best way to gather information related to environmental activitism, you can see famous peope speak about the importance of being Green (sign language interpreters guaranteed at DC location), taste organic products, and buy organic supplies (clothes, books, pillowcases, baby diapers, you name it!)

DC's Greenfestival happens October 6 + 7th, 2007
San Francisco's happening on November 9, 10, 11, 2007
Seattle's happening on April 12 + 13, 2008
Chicago's happening on May 17 + 18, 2008

Greenfestival's website describes what you'll see at their festivals:
"You'll enjoy more than 200 visionary speakers and 400 green businesses in each city, great how-to workshops, green films, yoga and movement classes, green careers sessions, organic beer and wine, delicious organic cuisine and live music."

You can volunteer there too, they'll give you free organic t-shirt, membership to Coop America and Global Exchange, and a free pass to the festival. If you ride your bike to the festival site, you get a discount on your ticket. Save your money and our earth from gas emissions!

Go on the website www.greenfestivals.org for more information.

Hope you can go and gather information, freebies, and revamp your eco-vibes!

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