16 October 2007

Michael Stultz

St. Augustine Beach, Florida
University of North Florida ASL Professor

ecoskills composting, butterfly gardening, wildlife photography, wildlife observing and identifying, animals tracking, eco-touring, nature-related storytelling, nature journaling, teaching people about nature

ecointerests kayaking, hiking, backpacking, science-related reading, snorkeling, self-sustaining, beach & stream cleaning, organic farming

contact (work) Michael dot stultz at unf dot edu
(pager) natcraz at tmail dot com


  1. Hey Karen,

    Still a HOTTIE after all these years... We got to get together, now that I moved to VA, do some hiking again. Glad to find ya and will email you now after this. KUDOS to the dental hygiene presentation. YOU still ROCK...
    Are you still available? Hee Hee!
    Hugs sweetie!
    Kevin W

  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing I already have some zones around my place, and I try to not touch them because they are still virgin.