25 October 2007

Five Easy Ways to Go Organic

Shared by EcoDeaf reader, Liz Stone from New York Times, October 22, 2007

Switching to organic is tough for many families who don’t want to pay higher prices or give up their favorite foods. But by choosing organic versions of just a few foods that you eat often, you can increase the percentage of organic food in your diet without big changes to your shopping cart or your spending.

So how do you make your organic choices count? Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, whose new book “Raising Baby Green” explains how to raise a child in an environmentally-friendly way, has identified a few “strategic” organic foods that he says can make the biggest impact on the family diet.

This article ends with a list of FIVE EASY WAYS TO GO ORGANIC... Starting with MILK, POTATOES, PEANUT BUTTER, KETCHUP and APPLES. Intrigued? Click here to go to the article.


  1. Interesting!

    I eat organic food with a passion and believe in the nutritious gains that people can utilize by eating organically. Besides the health-benefits, organic foods just taste damn better than anything else.

    Mmm-Hmmm ... organic buffalo burgers are my favorite.

    *rubs tummy*

    Anyway, consider me a fan. I shall put you on my own blogroll if nobody objects.

    Keep on truckin' ..



  2. yep, organic food rocks! check out www.livingfoodfarm.com if you haven't already - organic deaf family-run farm in minnesota

    no objection at all on adding us to your blogroll! the more ecodeaf/asl people visiting, sharing & discussing & learning, the better! :)

    do consider sharing your ecodeaf bio with us as well... we'd love to get to know you! :o)


  3. Excellent ..

    I emailed the Living Food Farm and let them know you referred me to their site, so thank you for doing that.

    I've added this site to my blogroll, too.

    An eco bio? What is that, if I may ask? Sounds good, but I don't want to post an irrelevant bio, you know?

    So, thanks again for the support and glad to have met ya'll. I suspect I'll be referencing your site often.

    Have a wonderful Halloween.



  4. Paotie,
    An ecobio is for you to share with us and the eco-deaf community everything that is eco-related about you. :) You can see examples by clicking on the EcoBios link on the very right column (green) of this blogsite. Basically you can just mention where you're located (so that you may find some eco-deaf friends in your area), what your occupation is, your ecoskills, and your ecointerests.
    It is also encouraged for you to leave your contact email- without putting th @ in it to block spam. For example, ecodeaf at gmail dot com. We are eager to learn about you!

  5. Hi Liz :)

    To save money, just focus on the dirty dozen and buy organic for these.

    Worst is - (buy organic for these)
    Bell Peppers
    and Grapes