22 October 2007

Deaf Read goes Green (literally)

DeafRead is now experimenting with colors for it's front page, and green is the color for today! But wait, they're not simply just colored green, DeafRead is also jumping on the eco-green bandwagon... see part of their post below:

DeafRead upgraded to a new processor chip and also increased the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) from 1gb to 2gb. The new processor chip is a two core chip, which consumes less electricity, thus produces less heat. A cooler chip means it can run faster and consistently; additionally, the server room doesn’t have to be kept as cool saving on A/C costs. Our move to a Core 2 Duo chip is a statement: we are conscious, or “green”, about our environment. 
For the full post, click here

DeafRead sets a good example of how every decision we make, every day, makes an impact on Earth. Every decision, from blowing your nose (in tissue or cloth?) to selecting a green server is crucial. Think about your decisions and going green is always the right one :)


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