04 October 2007

Hack Your Friends' Toilets!

shared by Katie Spiegel from http://www.rethos.com/news/view/131-Abuse-Your-Friend-s-Toilets

If you have ever taken the lid off of a toilet, you know that there is a float ball in there that attached to a thin metal rod. This float balls level determines the water level within the toilets tank. Get in there, grab that rod, and bend it downward a little. Next time the toilet is flushed and the tank refills the water level is forever lowered (unless it is bent back of course).

Think about all of the water that could be saved with this trick. Toilets get flushed a hell of a lot. If one gallon of water is saved per flush, and that toilet is flushed six times a day, you will be responsible for saving over 2,000 gallons of water per year. Abuse five of your friend’s toilets and you will save close to 11,000 gallons with a six flush daily average.

Let’s start abusing shall we?


  1. I am sure glad that you and I are not friends. I would feel the need to search the house for sabotage when you left.

    You can buy toilets that are water savers, just as you can washing machines.


  2. think about this... not many of our friends would actually change their current toilets to water saving ones unless they were renovating or moving to a new place.

    so we'd be doing them a favor - they'd see it next month with their water bill :)

    and doing this would save another toilet from going in the landfill.


  3. You could just fill a gallon milk jug with water and lower it in the tank, you will save a gallon per flush :)

  4. anonymous,

    if you clicked on the full article (we can't post full articles due to copyright violations) you'd see this:

    "No, this is not the pop bottle full of water or rocks in the toilet tank. That does not always work that great. The bottle can get in the way of your toilets moving parts."

    i personally tried this myself and the bottle would always float, and the water level would stay the same. i'm not sure what i did wrong (science education anyone?). i did think about adding sand inside the plastic bottle, but never tried this - any out there have other tips?


  5. Another tip is to put a brick or small block in toilet tank. I did that to my two toilets and water bill is way low. It sure helps to save water! Try that! Smile.