03 October 2007

Jehanne Celeste McCullough

North Bethesda
Maryland School for the Deaf middle school student, Frederick Campus

ecoskills/interests stream-cleaning, volunteering at Horse Rescue Center, walking my favorite neighbor's dog, vegetarian since birth, was born at home in my own bedroom, have my own "recycle bin" in my bedroom, truly an animal lover, out-going, eating organic food, renovating our backyard to be more nature properly, and am against George W. Bush because he definitely is not Eco-friendly president (Hillary Clinton will be eco-friendly!)!

contact jehanneceleste at aol dot com

blog/website http://jehanne.wordpress.com


  1. You have a beautiful and mindful spirit, Jehanne. Thanks for sharing these things with us on this site. The world is luck y to have someone like you in it. You will definitely make a difference!

    ~ LaRonda

  2. You were born at home, not at the hospital?1? Obviously, you have cool parents!! I have never met any Deaf mother who gave birth at home.

  3. jehanne,

    i wish to find someone like you in minnesota so i can hire deaf kid to dogsit our cocker spaniel dog while we are gone on vacation.

    amend to "am against George W. Bush"!

    cuong aka buzz