08 October 2007

Gallaudet Volunteers at Green Festival

Meet the president of the Green Gallaudet organization, Leala Holcomb, and their faculty sponsor, Carrie Solomon as well as Gallaudet volunteers at the Green Festival last weekend in DC. And get a brief glimpse of what the volunteers did... (2 minutes and 13 seconds)


  1. That was neat. I went to the Green Festival and had a nice time looking at important info about eco things and enjoyed some edible samples of food. I didn't know anything about the Green Galluadet organization except for the deaf info desk that provided interpreting needs. Though, I am grateful for going to the Green Festival.

  2. wow! sorry to miss you there - there were so many deaf people i kept on bumping into them every other minute! now you know, green gallaudet will volunteer with them on an annual basis, i'm sure of that. we're even talking about having a deaf (reduce noise pollution, learn sign language) booth there sharing information about green gallaudet and ecodeaf...