08 October 2007

No Wall Outlet to Recharge Your Pager? Let the Sun Do It!

vlog by Summer Crider who found this product the Green Festival last weekend in DC

Imagine the possibilities...

....you're backpacking for days or weeks at time
....going to the beach for the day
....sailing at sea
....walking your dogs
....parked your car somewhere for a while
....taking long biking trips
....a power outage in your neighborhood...
....or you just want to reduce your use of electricity at home...

Simply buy a foldable, compact solar panel that can charge your pager and laptop when you're not close to a wall outlet. Also, when you plug it in your parked car, you can keep the electrical system for your car fresh.
If any of you do buy it, let us know what you think of it!


  1. Hi Brian!

    I found this blog very benefit to me!!! sorry if I am behind because I have been catching up other blogs. I put this in my favorite bookmarks so whenver you post I will read it first!

    plus you do have creative ideas!!! I am glad that I find you so I am not alone!

    Gary Brooks

  2. That's amazing! I wonder how much does this cost?

  3. hi katherine, there are different prices for different items. feel free to click on the website in the post above (www.rewarestore.com) to find out! :)


  4. Cool and cool to see Summer Crider sign about it (I came across her name in some published books)