02 October 2007

Experiential Education Catharsis

contributed by shira grabelsky

a post dedicated to Outward Bound is forthcoming, because many people have participated in their programs, and many others are intrigued and interested in joining.

below is a poem i wrote after doing an Outward Bound Wilderness program in the the summer of 2006. i doubt the excitement or satisfaction i experienced in the mountains would emerge in a classroom setting....

on this day so fine
meet me above treeline
on the shoulder of the giant
leave your passport behind

say adios to the border patrol
you’re in control
tie up your bandanna, roll up your sleeve
fasten your gaiters, take your leave

look north, south, east, west
up at the moon’s rest
listen to your insides and our Mother
‘cause you’re in a world like no other

its time for your shift
give yourself a lift
tie up and climb on

put some sweat on your back
a little something in your sack
fill up that nalgene
come up with me to that place
we’ve always been
with the clouds we’ll set the pace

when the going gets technical
or you’re thinking a different kind of analytical
trust your knot and your carabiner
not life’s old veneer

scrambling or sidestep, whichever you choose
you have nothing to loose
who cares about your worldly stuff
the path you take may be tough
you’ve got your rain pants and helmet
you know the higher you go, the higher you get

its time for your shift
give yourself a lift
tie up and climb on

sure, a little peanut butter
might be handy, so would a swiss army knife
or a dash of chocolate
everything else: to the gutter!
cause look at your plate
what a tasty life!

tie up and climb on!

--shira grabelsky, august 2006

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