09 October 2007

Green Festival Products Reviewed by Deaf People

Check out what the Green Festival had to offer all of us who went. Different deaf people review eco-products such as Elephant Dung paper, a wrap you can swing in, and vegan chocolate ice cream in this vlog. Also, a short clip of Ralph Nader presenting at the festival, some t-shirt slogans and posters are peppered throughout this vlog (4 minutes, 13 seconds).


  1. Seriously cool! Any way to post the vendor list? I'd love to know of resources, since you guys probably have different resources from us out here in California.
    Many thanks. :)

  2. check www.greenfestivals.org

    you'll find exhibitors section where all the booths are listed...

    here's the url as well:


    since you're a californian, san francisco will have its green festival on nov 9 - 11 (three days! y'all lucky!!! we only had 2 days and i didn't even finish the entire place aughh)


  3. Fabulous - thanks for the links!

    And, yes, I'm thrilled about the green festival here - right across the bay from me. Can't wait. From your description, sounds like I'll need the full 3 days!

    I don't have a camera of any kind, but hopefully one of us greenies on the left coast can type up something or do a vlog and add it to this site.

    Thanks again for making this site - it's long overdue and very much appreciated! :)

  4. to anonymous,

    yes yes yes

    we'd love to post your vlog here if you do film the SF green festival. if not, you can always blog/take pictures and send it our way at ecodeaf@gmail.com

    i'm sooooooo jealous.... u'll have a blast! :)