18 October 2007

Bethesda, MD: Raw Food Potluck

Hi all,

For these curious, experienced, or merely amateur individuals out there in the Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and Pennsylvania (and for these out there as well), our monthly raw food potluck luncheon will be held this Sunday, October 21st, at Barbara Morris' Bethesda spacious home, with enough room for everyone to mingle, sample, and partake in simple yet wonderful presentations about fasting and oral hygiene.

RSVP information: Please contact May Wille at Maywille at yahoo dot com to reserve a spot and to find out what to bring.

Address: 7600 Savannah Drive, Bethesda MD 20817-1432

Date and Time: From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on October 21 (Sunday)

Content of event: Besides chumping on raw food, and mingling, Karen Schettle will give a talk about oral hygiene and its role in preventing gum disease as well as how gum disease creates more diseases within your body. Additionally, Barbara Morris will share her fasting retreat experience in Panama.

If there are any questions or ponderings, May Wille will be happy to answer any additional questions/comments.



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